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Women who rule their style

Upon reflecting on how to commemorate International Women's Day this year, our conversation led us to think about the women who inspire us to be our authentic selves.

The eight legendary women we decided to feature were chosen because they each define beauty in their own unique way, express themselves freely, established their own style and unanimously have fun with fashion!


  Diane Keaton

Famously known to have been her own stylist in the movie Annie Hall, from which some of her most iconic looks are inspired, Diane Keaton has always balanced comfort and avant-garde style. Never one to show much skin, her outfits are often more daring with big hats, chunky boots and LOTS of layers… and sometimes all of those at once! We love her bold choices and big smile – she OWNS her look. Diane is obviously having fun with fashion and we find that contagious.


  Lady Diana

As a member of the Royal Family for several years, Lady Diana had a sense of personal style and did not give into the pressure. During her daily outings, she dared to opt for biker shorts paired with an oversized crew neck and white sneakers, or straight jeans paired with a blazer and cowboy boots. She identified with all the women in this world and that is why she is still an icon to this day.


  Diana Vreeland

The original fashion editor, the extravagant, the visionary – Diana Vreeland created and showed beauty in her own way. She would say “Push their faults. If they have a gap between their teeth, make it the most beautiful thing about them. Make an asset of your faults.” Beyond her iconic style, her adventurous spirit, curiosity for life, and view of the world with no barriers will forever be an inspiration for us.


  Iris Apfel

Dearest Iris… The woman who makes us understand that fashion is just a game that allows us to express ourselves as we want. She would travel the world for work and then mix pieces she found from all over to create colorful, unique and iconic looks. She is fearless! A lover of colors, bling and extravagance, she sees life as a canvas on which you can paint whatever you fancy.


  Lady Gaga

A strong advocate of self-expression, Lady Gaga is, in our opinion, the symbol of acceptance for all. She is an inspiration, not only to young people who wish to assert themselves in their own identity, but to people of all ages who wish to have the power to express themselves freely.



Originally from Barbados, Rihanna has always been able to express her warm blood and colorful culture in her clothing style. She inspires so many to try different things with their clothes or their makeup. Big mention here to her iconic maternity looks that make us want to experiment with fashion even more!



In all her extravagant colours, glitter and gemstones, Cher knows how to clearly demonstrate both the strength and charm of a woman in all her vulnerability. She knows 100% how to assert herself in her own way. Bring on the leather, all the light, see-through fabrics, sparkles, shape-embracing cuts - she can rock it all, still to this day!


  Charlotte Gainsbourg

With her boyish look, Charlotte Gainsbourg always manages to surprise us with her sartorial expression. We mostly know her for her “masculine shirt” looks but she can come up with a completely different look with daring details which we love. We just love how she styles herself the way she feels and totally assumes it!


We hope to always inspire you, our fashionistas, to discover and develop your own sense of style and beauty, and most of all, to have a ton of fun in the process!

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