When we founded Everyday Sunday in 2013, we had big dreams. First, we wanted to create a positive brand associated with happiness. We also wanted to design stylish clothing for all that provide soul soothing comfort.

Our bathing suits, bikinis, leisurewear and accessories have been travelling the world ever since. We aim to deliver the quality, comfort and casual style you, our customers, are looking for. Your loyalty inspires us to do more.  

We love to leave footprints in the sand. Environmental footprints? Not so much.  

Are we perfect? Of course not.  

But we’re continuously thinking of ways to do things better by developing initiatives that have a positive impact on the planet and in the community

Nylon: we recycle!  

In this spring/summer 2021 season, we’ve launched two swimwear collections made mainly or entirely of recycled nylon. The recycled nylon in our swimwear, proudly designed in Montréal, gives a second life to reclaimed clothing and textile scraps.

Our high quality Recycled Rib fabric offer great durability and helps build a greener planet! 

Organic cotton: a natural choice  

For Summer 2021, we’re also launching a new line of leisurewear made mainly of organic cotton.  

There’s nothing we love more than bringing you stylish leisurewear that can take you anywhere. Whether you’re working at home, lounging on the patio or on holiday, we design each piece to offer you the comfort you’re looking for.  

You’ll love all the styles and colours in our new organic cotton pieces coming in June! 

By buying organic cotton clothing, you’re helping us promote organic farming, which bans the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides.

Together, we’re promoting biodiversity and life cycles. 

Turning the page on waste  

We’re doing more and more to reduce our environmental footprint.  

Just one example is our development, design and production, which are now all 90% paperless. 

Our packaging is recyclable and we’re currently testing compostable options. One of the challenges is ordering enough sustainable packaging to achieve economies of scale without it breaking down in storage. We’re working on it, and we will get there!

The future is green  

Over the next few years, more and more of our swimwear will be made from recycled fabric. And our development processes will become completely paperless. That’s critical. 

We know there is still a long way to go, but each eco-conscious step counts and we are committed to evolve and excited to share every milestone with you.