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Meet the family

Welcome you to the Everyday Sunday community. We want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the people behind the brand!

Founders Ranya, Nathalie, Elie and Jasmine Nasri, four siblings who had been working together in the family business for years, wanted to create a brand reflective of their optimistic and joyful vision of the world—a brand that would bring comfort and bliss to its customers, just like the soothing spirit of a slow Sunday.

Following their calling ✨

Crafting beautiful things truly is engraved in the Nasri’s DNA! Born in a family of artists, the four siblings grew up surrounded by talent, passion, and hardwork.

This even goes back to the generations before them, from their paternal grand-father running a successful general store while pursuing his passion for violin, to their maternal grand-parents mastering the age-old and impressive arts of Telkari and needle lace-making.

They also were exposed from a young age to many sides of the business world, more specifically of the fashion industry, thanks to their parents who had an entrepreneurial spirit and took them all over the world on various business trips.

A passion for exploration ✈️

The many places the three sisters and brother traveled to as children had a meaningful impact on their relationships and values. Their special bond was deepened and wherever they went together, they felt right at home. They also discovered multiple places and met all kinds of new people, always with an open mind and open heart!

To this day, they all still have this natural curiosity and thirst for life, and wake up each day motivated to empower others to move through the world with the same joie de vivre.


Life's a gift, let's dive in! 🌊

Wanting to combine their expertise in clothing and their passion for living life to the fullest, the Nasri quartet knew they needed to create a brand that would accompany people while they’re enjoying life and creating memories.

The swimsuit was the perfect piece to work with—an item of clothing made for exciting and stress free moments, yet one that often creates the opposite effect for so many!

Today, a team of equally passionate individuals has joined the mission! Everyday Sunday has gone on to develop an array of iconic styles to flatter the shape of every woman, and has extended its range with men’s wear and consciously crafted loungewear, to bring even more soul-soothing comfort to its customers.

We're so proud of how far we’ve come and we want you
to join us on our journey!
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