"Our story is one of passion and optimism. Our success means inspiring you to be open to the world and all it has to offer."

Afternoon Sun

This collection is instilled with the slow pace of the south and the natural charm of the tropics.

Our future is green

We aim to reduce our impact over the next few years by sourcing high quality recycled fabric. Each eco-conscious step counts and we are committed to the process of improving our community.

Community Shares
I happen to be in the void between a bikini body and hiding in a one piece that looks like a plus size version. The sense of pure joy to find this suit is almost overwhelming. If I could see someone in person I would plant a huge kiss! My summer, my husband and my kids thank you.
— Britta
Love my swimming shorts, they’re awesome quality. They use good material, and they feel great to wear. I have used them on the beach, boating and just walking around, they really hold up well.
— Ryan
I just wanted to say how much I love my bathing suit! I truly appreciate that you guys are making quality, lovely bathing suits at an affordable price. It's a really flattering, well made bathing suit and I am looking forward to wearing it.
— Mary