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The best postpartum swimsuit

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, "Change is the only constant in life." Particularly true for our bodies, this quote takes on its full meaning when a woman prepares and goes through the miraculous process of giving life.

Whether pregnancy has brought on small or mighty changes to your figure, learning to dress your new post-birth body can be quite challenging, even more so when it comes to finding a swimsuit—the piece that bares it all and puts many of us in contact with our insecurities.

At Everyday Sunday, we’ve made it our expertise to craft styles that hug, flatter, and make all body types glow with confidence no matter where you’re at on your self-love journey, postpartum or not. Over the years, we’ve come up with different designs and had the chance to test them with amazing women, many of them being moms. From our fittings during the product development stage to the rich exchanges through messages, reactions and reviews received from our customers and collaborators, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the complex and personal topic of body image and learn about women’s needs.

Thanks to all this precious feedback, we noticed that our iconic Wrap bathing suit has been a game-changer for women who are learning to adapt to the many physical changes carrying a bundle of joy can bring. We are so proud to have designed a suit that makes women of all ages and sizes feel so amazing, including the ones adapting to a new body shape. We love to hear comments like these—it gives us wings to continue our mission to make everyone feel their best!


“My son is 11, almost 12, months old. Last summer,
this was my only ‘I feel beautiful postpartum’ swimsuit.” Annabelle 

“Best postpartum 👙” @weekendonstandby

 “To all the moms following us, this is the best swimsuit ever” @lafamillecestdusport

We’ve nicknamed this suit “the ultimate confidence-booster” for a reason. Its universally flattering design enhances every woman’s best assets and can make anyone feel on top of the world—including mamas who haven’t been feeling like themselves in a while. If this is your case (or someone close to you who deserves to feel sexy!), here’s why the beloved Wrap can bring a whole lot of comfort and courage during swimsuit season.

  1. The incredible cut! It hugs practically any silhouette in just the right places and features strategically placed cutouts with a figure-enhancing crossover design to suggest an hourglass shape. This style is also ideal for wearing during a good part of pregnancy, thanks to the front opening which gives just enough room for the belly to grow comfortably.

  2. It provides the support and coverage you need, plus, the wrap construction at the chest allows for breastfeeding to happen with ease, by just pulling down one side! 

  3. Being a hybrid between a one-piece and a bikini, this cut shows just enough skin without making you feel like you’re baring it all. If you’ve been feeling anxious about getting back into more revealing clothes, this suit will be the perfect first step to feeling sexy without stepping too far away from your comfort zone. We know the journey to accepting changes in one’s body can be different for everyone, and we should all go at our own rhythm.

If you’re thinking about acquiring this one of a kind and dare we say, magical swimsuit, you’ll definitely want to make sure you can enjoy it for many years to come.  For any swimwear you may own, old or new, these tips will help you keep your pieces looking better for longer.

  1. Rinse thoroughly after each wear
  2. To clean, hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent
  3. Hang to dry in shade immediately to avoid bleeding
  4. Do not bleach, wring, iron or dry clean
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