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Tips to find the perfect swimsuit for you!

With these tips, you'll find the hunt for the perfect bathing suit to be more approachable, and dare we say... Fun! :)

It’s essential to our team that every customer finds the perfect swimsuit for them, both in terms of irresistible style and flawless fit. To help you in this process (which can sometimes feel overwhelming) we’ve put together some tips and elements to look out for during your next try-on session!

There truly is an array of styles for everyone! These are not rules set in stone, but are rather tips derived from our years of experience with enhancing our wonderful customers' silhouettes. We hope to inspire you to take pleasure in exploring with shapes, colours and prints, while discovering your personal style in the process!

Example of neat hourglass body shape

Curvier top and bottom with a defined waist

  • Defined bust
  • Defined waist
  • Figure more toned
  • Neat bottom and hips

Your silhouette allows you flexibility when it comes to choosing swimwear since a variety of styles and shapes beautifully compliment you. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Aim to wear shaped and fitted styles that follow your body lines. It will be to your advantage to highlight your assets with pieces that define your waist, enhance your bust and sit nicely on your hips and bottom.


Example of full hourglass body shape

Hips and bust are almost of equal size with a narrower waist

  • Fuller bust or fuller circumference
  • Fuller thighs
  • Rounded bottom and hips
  • Fuller tummy
  • Waist definition

Our first suggestion is to look for styles and fabrics that reduce bulk and prevent boxiness. Stick to soft fabrics that contour the silhouette. Avoid bottoms with too many details at the hips. Structured and supportive pieces will help keep all your assets in place and will also help your posture and enhance your comfort level. This one you probably already know: styles with a retro look will easily complement your curves!


Example of triangle body shape

Hips are noticeably wider than your shoulders

  • Fuller hips or thighs
  • Defined waist
  • Shoulders are narrower than your hips
  • Fuller tummy
  • Small top half

We suggest to balance your top half with your lower half by choosing styles that make your shoulders look broader. Wear volume, patterns and colour on your top half, so hips and thighs seem narrower.

Example of inverted triangle body shape

Shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip line

  • Hips are narrower than shoulders
  • Little definition between waist and hips
  • Straight and square shoulder line
  • Bust may be smaller or fuller

For the ladies with this athletic-looking silhouette, we suggest adding more volume and width around your hip line and thighs, while keeping it simple on top. Don’t be scared to play with a mixture of prints and contrasting colours to achieve a well-balanced outfit. Halters and swimsuits attached at the back of the neck will help enhance your frame! Also, your broader shoulders allow you to pull off cute tanks that will hold well in place for you.

Example of rectangular body shape

Hips and shoulders are about the same width

  • Straight shoulder line
  • Straight hips and bottom
  • Very little waist definition
  • Small bust
  • Athletic silhouette

This silhouette gives you the possibility to wear a variety of styles. You want to create a good balance between your top and bottom. Hip and bottom details are good, as long as they create gentle curves. Another trick is to keep your silhouette sleek by choosing simple and form-fitting garments.

Example of round body shape

Fuller middle with slim thighs and upper shapely legs

  • Round shoulder line
  • Slimmer legs
  • Average to fuller bust
  • Fullness around the middle

For a fuller bust, go with supportive wire tops. For a smaller bust, you may choose some push-up styles to elongate your torso. One-pieces with shirring details and tummy control will work well for you. Some may appreciate high-waisted bottoms to create a comfortable support for the tummy, while others might prefer to go with regular bottoms to elongate the body frame.

Example of diamond body shape

Top and bottom have similar circumference to the waist

  • Hips slightly broader than shoulders
  • Full mid section
  • Broader thighs
  • Great lower legs

Look for swimsuits that will enhance your bust and support your tummy and hips. Draw more attention to your bust with ruffles, padding or embellishments at the top while keeping your bottom sleeker. One-pieces or tankinis with waist defining details such as casings or shirring will give your frame a nice, balanced look.

Now that we’ve demystified the topic, you’ll find the hunt for the perfect bathing suit to be much less complex, more approachable, and dare we say… Fun! ;)

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